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Part I: Why Mojave stuck on boot/login screen?

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This operation creates a mountable but not bootable clone as a disk image.

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Then I used Disk Utility to erase the drive. Unfortunately, this erased the Recovery partition, too! On restart, the Mac reverted to Internet Recovery , where it downloads the Recovery software and then installs and launches it.

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I used Disk Utility to restore my startup drive from the clone, figuring that might have cleared the condition. In Disk Utility, select the startup drive, click Restore, and then click Image to select the image. Some clones might not work in image form, but Disk Utility mounts them, and then you can select the mounted clone as the source for a restore.

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  4. Restoring resulted in the same problem, so whatever the issue was, it was embedded in the particular system I had installed. I went back and booted into Recovery, and erased the drive again and installed macOS. Because of the age of the machine, its Internet Recovery partition loaded El Capitan. The Mac booted fine into El Capitan release, so I ran the Sierra update separately, which also worked.

    Fix Apple logo spinning wheel not loading start up METHODE 2017!!!

    This made a hardware fault seem unlikely. Instead of restoring again, I ran Migration Assistant, and selected my cloned disk image as the source. I selected everything offered for migration. I decided to try one more thing before throwing myself on the mercy of the Genius Bar.

    I erased the startup partition not the drive and reinstalled Sierra. This time, I unchecked Other Files and Folders, assuming that this is where the trouble lay if it were system related. Since I had a full clone, I could resuscitate any missing items later if necessary. This time was the charm.

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    I also had to re-enable FileVault, which is not in effect after erasing a drive, as it has to be set up while running macOS. Part II: How to recover data from the stuck Mac computer? Part III: Boot failure is a complex problem, which can be the result of numerous software and hardware errors.

    Since updated to Mojave, there might have been some incompatibility issues between the OS and Apple default apps. The first thing in dealing with a boot failure on Mac is to secure your important data.

    MacBook Hangs at Startup With a Spinning Wheel That Just Keeps Spinning

    Without regular backups, you can also make it with professional data recovery software - iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery. So with it, you can be sure that all lost data will be back. You can also recover lost data from the unbootable Mac computer by running iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery bootable media from iBoysoft Server. Step 3: Step 6: Step 7: Select iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery from the boot options. Step 8: Follow the wizard to scan for lost data on the unbootable Mac computer.

    Step 9: Preview and select the files you want to get back and then click Recover button. Safe Mode is the most common practice to boot your Mac computer.

    Spinning wheel on login screen | MacRumors Forums

    To boot your Mac computer in Safe Mode, you need to shut it down. Then start it up again while holding the Shift key and release the Shift key till you see the Apple logo and the loading bar. Then, restart your Mac without pressing any keys. Step 1: Press and hold Power button for a few minutes till Mac turns off. Step 4: Reboot computer again to see if the Mac computer can boot into macOS Mojave. Please make sure your laptop is powered with a charger. Click Erase, and then complete the required name, format, scheme information.