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  1. How to Share Files Between Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs on a Network
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Skip the distro install and install freeNAS or openFiler.

How to Share Files Between Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs on a Network

They will handle most any kind of mount and will make life easy for backup. FreeNAS even has some sort of iTunes data repository connection that I know nothing about except it is there as a standard feature. When spoke to my friend about this initially he wanted to have this server for his users to save files everyday in the evening as a backup. What I am thinking was to install Ubuntu server, with some sort of free backup tools Crashplan apart from the normal file sharing, so he can schedule a copy of the files backedup in his home. So even if something breaks as this will be a single stand alone machine, they will have a safe copy.

1.1 So no Netatalk, then?

They are currently using a windows server and they manually copy the stuffs everyday to an external hard drive manually. They want to switch to a linux based server. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. Hi all, One of my friends company wanted to setup a file server, preferably Linux.

They want to use this to backup files from their windows and Mac. It's a very small company with around 10 users. I was thinking about using ubuntu server, but bit confused about the file server to choose. Since they are using windows and Mac, which one will be best? They want their users to have separate folders for file storage with permissions, so other people can't access the files? Just remove the colons and you have the number Time Machine adds to the disk image name.

In the field volume name write Backup of computername. Now FIRST chose sparse bundle disk image as the image format and THEN adjust the volume size to the size of your internal harddrive minimum, choose more if you like afterwards. For reference have a look at this screenshot:. Select your Desktop as destination and click create. After the creation is finished drag the created disk image to your mounted Time Machine volume you can delete the disk image on your desktop when copy is finished.

Finally go to Time Machine preferences and start your backup again and everything should work as expected now. As Kevin points out in the comments you would have to adjust any firewall you use. Remember that this error can be caused by a myriad of problems and just a lot of other configurations on your side.

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So you should try a minimal way: My server is named Rockhopper, adjust the name according to your server name. There should be some sort of name already but the important part here is the servername. If there are any other numbers at the beginning in your file leave them as they are.

But for those people still having problems with these error messages: Some people have problems when connecting to an AFP share and get a error. You have to delete the hidden. AppleDB folders on your Ubuntu box and restart netatalk afterwards:. Your Mac will start with a minimal UI where you have a Utilities section in the top menu bar. Luckily Dmitry Nedospasov found a way to manage this by simply mounting your Time Machine network share with the Terminal which you can find under Utilities in the menu bar too by utilizing the following syntax shamelessly copied from Dmitry:.

You can test if your network share was properly mounted by doing. Oh, needless to say: There is some discussion on the net regarding problems with Netatalk and TimeMachine when the backup disk reaches maximum capacity. As a commenter in an ArsTechnica forum says: If you have tested such patch please post your experiences in the comments for this article. Just download the whole package directly via this link:. Download Server Display Icons zip. In the avahi configuration part in this article you have assigned the Xserve device info to your afpd.

All you have to do is to replace the generic Xserve icon or whatever model you have assigned in your afpd. Just rename the Ubuntu Server. As for the Windows Vista server icon: Just rename the Windows Server. A solution for the icon problem is here: Simon Wheatley figured out how to assign a different icon to your avahi advertised Linux box. All you have to do is assigning a device info part at the end of the avahi service file for AFP. Please head back to the Configure Avahi and advertise services part in this article and edit your afpd.

You finally arrived at the end of my article. But before making your next coffee you should share this article on your favorite social website. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Both have samba installed in mac default. My mac can reach and use shared-files on my ubuntu-computer, logging in as "guest". The other way round does not work. The login window repeats itself endlessly.

So no login possible. Not even "anonymously", so that password isn't necessary. MacBook Air, iOS Posted on Dec 11, Although I allowed "guest" the way you showed me, the login window does not give me a choice between "anonymous" and "user-password". The things I have been reading - concerning this "modified samba implementation"- tell me that the situation has changed. It seems to be more problematic. I get the impression that apple is more or less abandoning the samba-project. That's weird. When my old Asus-laptop broke down, I decided to buy a mac.

Its an OS I never used. It's very elegant and handy. Here, on the mac, I have no way to find out where this "mysterious modified samba-implementation" is hidden, not to say: Posted on Dec 16, Page content loaded. Dec 11, SMB on the Mac can be wierd sometimes as Apple had to make their own version several years ago due to the licensing of the Samba project. As I pointed out: I can log into the shared folder on my ubuntu machine from my mac.

But the other way round does not work.

Share a Folder on Windows

There are rather strange issues. On the graphical plain: I get the choice of login in as a registered user, with password, or "anonymously", without password. It does not ruin my life! But I want to solve this strange samba-puzzle. Or at least find out what causes it.

How to setup Samba for File Sharing in Linux

Dec 12, 7: Its very difficult stuff for the layman. I can use some help. And if its actually a bug, then there is very little one can do. Dec 12, I see you are using the. Have you tried connections only using the IP address? Bonjour is basically DNS on the local network that works by broadcasting service info apologies if you know all this already.

5.2 Copying files from linux and Mac OSX machines with scp

If the exact same error messages persist with the IP you know that Ubuntu is finding the server but the SMB protocol is choking or failing for some reason. The reason I suggested using a user account with a password is because I'm not certain how well guest logins work over SMB on Macs. If no username is supplied and neither environment variable exists the user name will be empty. I'd also specify a workgroup when testing as the next of output line looks a little odd…. This is all speculative, I can't tell what is going wrong but I think Ubuntu can see the Mac bonjour is probably working, but rule it out by using just the IP anyway but the authentication seems to fail.

Dec 13, 3: I set a password with "smbpasswd" on mac for user "marc". When I log in with "smbclient" from ubuntu, I suppose this is the password asked for? Nevertheless it is not accepted or something else in not accepted. I'm afraid I'm an absolute beginner, and I need a lot of study. But I'm not "geekish" at all, just an ordinary mac-newbee, hoping that things work, out of the box.

Does that mean that the ubuntu-samba-server uses the mac as smb-client, but that the mac-server can't use the ubuntu as a client? I have only two machines on my LAN: That's the reason for using samba: Not being able to reach the shared-map on the mac does not really matter. I'm only curious why it does not work. I read somewhere, that on a LAN, you should set only one machine as the "master-browser" on the network.

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You can look up the master with the command "nmblookup -M - --". I did this on both machines. On the ubuntu it mentions the ubuntu-server. The server on the mac wasn't mentioned. On the mac nothing was found. Then I installed the samba-server on my ubuntu. Dec 13, 5: