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While not as crowded as the weather app category, there are certainly plenty of apps on the App Store for managing recipe collections. For the first edition of this review way back in , we asked our foodie friends and Twitter followers to tell us their favorite apps for managing recipes.

The best recipe manager for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

To put it simply, Paprika 3 for iOS provides all the features you need to be an organized and effective home cook. Adding recipes is a snap, with support for many popular recipe websites and food blogs.

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You will never have to organize printed recipes from the internet, write a paper grocery list, or forget to pick up that key ingredient from the store again. Paprika is a perfect companion both in and out of the kitchen. When cooking with Paprika, the ability to keep multiple recipes at your fingertips, cross out ingredients as you add them, set timers right from the directions, and mark your spot in the directions are all huge benefits over a paper recipe book. The free Paprika Cloud Sync service syncs everything in Paprika to the cloud and all your devices, all in real time. From here you can browse recipes by category, run a search, and sort the list by Name, Rating, or Most Recent.

You also have the option to scale the ingredients in your recipe automatically for times when you want to prepare more or less servings than the recipe calls for, such as making 2. Pro tip: Increasing the recipe font size in the settings also helps make a more appropriately-sized touch target.

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Paprika also excels at adding recipes. Adding a recipe from a supported site is as simple as tapping the Download button on the in-app browser and letting it work its magic, or you can send things to Paprika via the web browser extension. With unsupported sites, Paprika still makes the process of clipping recipe information relatively simple.

Name, Description, Ingredients, Directions, etc. If you want to add your family recipes to Paprika, the iPad version provides some extra tools to make the process a little less painful.

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It gets even cooler once you start typing. The toolbar only shows a bunch of numerals and fractions by default, but if you start typing, say, tab , it starts populating the toolbar with buttons for things like tablespoon , tab , tablet , tabasco sauce , and so on. Just tap one and it adds that word for you, autocomplete style. This makes the process of adding information about a given recipe so easy. While viewing a recipe, tap the Shopping Cart button at the top to instantly add all the ingredients needed for that recipe to your Grocery List.

A popup will display, allowing you to check or uncheck ingredients before adding them to your list in case you already have certain items.

The Best Mac Productivity Apps in

You can also manually add items to your Grocery List. When viewing the Grocery List, similar items are consolidated, like if one recipe calls for one egg and another one needs two, your grocery list will have 3 eggs with both recipes listed underneath. Items are also sorted by category, making it easy to find everything in the store without having to backtrack while shopping. Unfortunately, the Reminders sync is only one-way.

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Another great feature in the Grocery List is the Pantry apple icon in sidebar. You can use the Pantry to keep track of all the ingredients you already have in your kitchen. When adding recipes to your Grocery List, any items already in your Pantry will automatically be unchecked. To add meals to your Meal Plan, you can select recipes from inside the Meal Planner, or add them to your Meal Plan from the recipe screen.

You can add notes to your menu to assist in organizing your meal. The Meal Planner also allows you to add all the ingredients from a plan to your Grocery List, export the meals to Calendar. We think the above prices are reasonable because of the full suite of features offered by the apps, the free cloud syncing, and the attention to detail at every level. Those features, combined with the overall high quality of the app, catapaulted AnyList over Basil to become our new second place winner. Something to note off the bat: Our general take is that, while Paprika and AnyList both allow you to manage recipes and grocery lists, Paprika is better at the former while AnyList is better at the latter.

If they can just do some tinkering on the actual cooking side of things, Paprika will have a much tougher contender on its hands.

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These days however, it seems as though the developer has practically abandoned the app, with only a couple updates released in the last two years — and even those were only to fix a few minor issues and in one case, to add a tip jar in settings. Thus, we have finally bumped it down to third place. MealBoard's built-in web browser lets you browse recipe websites and import recipes with a single tap. Create your meal plan in minutes! Easily move meals to another day, add meal notes and adjust the number of servings.

The 25 Best Productivity Apps for Mac in 2018

You can even set prep reminders! Generate your shopping list with a single tap. The shopping items get sorted by aisle, and if you're using multiple stores, you can view the list by store. You can also set up the grocery prices so you'll see the total cost and stay within your budget!

Plus much more!

Ever wondered how much sugar left in your pantry? Or how many tomatoes left in the fridge? MealBoard lets you keep track of items in stock. Once you're done shopping, move items from the shopping list to the pantry. And as you cook meals, you can easily adjust the items left in stock. Plan meals in your iPad, do the shopping with your iPhone, follow recipes in the iPad as you cook meals. You can set up MealBoard to sync data across all your devices. Tired of manually typing recipes in your iPhone?

Use MealBoard's web interface! I use it every week to meal plan and grocery shop. It is incredibly well-designed and I would have paid 10x the price to download it! I had no idea I would find an app that manages my cupboards, recipes, shopping lists and syncs them all together. This is an incredible useful app! I have put a fair amount of time into adding lots of wonderful recipes to my meal board account. Now I can meal plan my entire week and populate a shopping list for my family in under a half hour.

This app is well worth the money. My husband and I both have it on our phones using the same account, and that makes delegating the shopping incredibly easy.