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  1. Mac vs PC: Which should I buy?
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  3. [Updated] Best Black Friday 2018 deals on Apple MacBook laptops, Mac desktops
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When the red X on a Mac program box is clicked, that window closes but the program does not. It is still open and running, even though there are no documents or windows open. To close a program completely, a user must click on the program name on the top status window it must be active to do this and then click on Quit.

The Quit command closes all multiple windows that may be open under the program. There are also differences in hardware in that Macs are only built by Apple , whereas PCs are built by a number of companies. This reflects in the price, in that Macs are generally more expensive, and the quality of Macs is considered more stable and stylish.

Most creatives, designers, musicians and others seem to use a Mac. Why would you say that is? Macs tend to be the best platform for design and creativity due to the strength of the applications available for them and the fact that Macs are generally high-quality computers. This and the image of using a Mac make up the perfect team for those that see themselves outside the corporate culture. Would you agree that, for those in the creative industries, a Mac is a better fit as a laptop, or are there PCs that can do just as good a job, for less? There are PCs that can do just as good a job, especially as you can build a PC.

The only problem is that Macs have applications that run only on Macs.

Many would argue that that is not the case, but these applications are built specifically for Macs and so the PC version is usually an after-thought, although this is starting to change. Why do you think Macs, just as with the iPhone and other Apple products, receive so much coverage when they still have a relatively small market share, compared to PCs?

Mac vs PC: Which should I buy?

Apple understands how to manipulate the market and how to instigate a media frenzy. The build-up to a product launch is something Apple has mastered, just by being very secretive about its ideas and what it is creating. This is also helped by the fact that Apple is genuinely very creative, often releasing something fresh and new. Once the product is launched, Apple uses a very subtle yet strong approach. Its advertising is always understated and the company relies on enthusiasts to promote its products by word of mouth. To what extent do you think that the discussion about Mac vs PC is not so much a case of which is better, but rather about your needs as a user and what you primarily need a laptop for?

Whenever anyone asks me for advice as to which PC or Mac they should buy, I always ask: Apple has a very strong brand identity. How much of the appeal of Macs do you think has to do with marketing and with its desirability as a brand, a status symbol? It has everything to do with marketing and branding, but also the fact that its products are great. Apple is very clever and deserves a lot of credit for resurrecting a company that was struggling in the mids.

People buy into the marketing but they then add to it by evangelising the products. When someone has a Mac, they generally tell people about it and promote it either by word of mouth or by writing about it blogs, Twitter, Facebook.

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Do you think the higher price is justified? It says a lot about you if you spend money at the higher end, and if you save up for something, you tend to feel more of a sense of achievement when purchasing it. A Mac is considered to be the trendier and cooler laptop option. How important do you think style and design are to its popularity? Apple products are seen to be premium products and the style and design is part of that image. The functionality is great but, as I said before, Apple relies on people to promote the product. The fact that these products look great makes people want to show them off.

Dell has tried a similar tactic with its latest line of laptops coming in an array of colours and even going as far as getting designers and artists to contribute.

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Apple has always understood the need to sell good-looking technology, dating back to the original iMac. Is it possible to say if a Mac or PC is more secure and, if so, why that is? A Mac is definitely more secure due to the fact that there are few viruses that can infect Macs. What do you personally use, PC or Mac, and why? Personally, at home I use a PC but at work I have to use both. For my personal life, a PC is more than enough, but at work we manage the website mainly using PCs and put the print magazine together using Macs, due to the graphic and design applications available.

Please check the box if you want to proceed. IT leaders are using AI to take security to the next level.

Which Mac Should I buy 2018?

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There are not enough characters in the alphabet - any alphabet - to answer this question. In fact, it's not a question that should have been posed the way it was. To fully examine what platform and related device is a better choice, we need to know what options are available, what existing infrastructure is and how adamantly people adhere to the type of computer versus something else - how important getting the work done is.

If it's really a matter of productivity I love my Apple devices. They work for what I do. But if they didn't work, I would find something that did. It's that simple. Faisal went about this question in a backward manner. He should have asked what device would be the best choice to get the work done. With more and more people are using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, Mac OS X is just another PC operating system alongside Windows and Linux.

Thus it is the user that gets the virus on it, mac users tend not to want to mess with preferences.

[Updated] Best Black Friday 2018 deals on Apple MacBook laptops, Mac desktops

I think that Windows PC were so much more mainstream. That is why their security was exploited more. You had a much larger target. The second part there was much more software available for the Windows OS. Lastly the Mac systems tended to be more costly. Those differences have faded over the years and are harder to distinguish.

MacBook Air

I still tend to see many more corporate environments using the Windows platform. After reading this very false notion, I stopped reading: Also, with some work you can get macOS to run on a PC Maybe this guy is confused. If you want something around that price point, I would recommend the Air instead. Obama was the US president the last time the Mac Pro was updated and Apple is likely releasing an overhauled model in The iMac is at an interesting place right now.

Is it a powerful machine? Is it a capable machine if you buy one for Christmas? The screen is still amazing, the hardware is reliable, and the processor is still fast. They should also stop selling models with spinning platter hard drives. The default hard drive is a RPM drive.

The default should be GB flash storage with upgrades from there. Overall, the iMac is still a great machine, but I would have liked to have seen at least a processor upgrade earlier this year. The iMac Pro was met with much fanfare when it was released. It was one of the first built for power users machines Apple had released in a while. The Mac that was the most frustrating due to lack of updates is now back to being the darling. Apple has just released new Mac mini models, so now is a great time to buy this model. There are plenty of upgrade options for a faster processor 3.

The port situation is the opposite of what Apple has done with its laptop lineup, so we were all surprised. Like I mentioned with my state of the iPad article, all of these devices are useless without software. Apple released macOS Mojave earlier this year. New features include a system-wide dark mode , desktop stacks , a new screenshot utility, and more. While the rate of innovation on macOS might seem like it has slowed, Apple has continued adding small enhancements year after year to make macOS a better experience for new users while remaining a great place for power users as well.

If you are searching for buying advice, here are my final recommendations:. Outside of that, I would recommend the MacBook Air as the best laptop model and the Mac mini as the best desktop model. Both have been recently updated and should last for years to come. That said, all of the machines outside of the Mac Pro would be great computers to add to your home. Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news: December 2,