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How to Enable or Disable Read Receipts in Messages for Mac

  1. Can I get read receipt for mail? - Apple Community
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Mail Receipt is free, so one-to-one support is limited. The support page offers help on setting up or removing Mail Receipt. By adding the Disposition-Notification-To and Return-Receipt-To headers to your e-mails, you are asking for receipts but they are not obliged to be sent. Many e-mail servers will honour the Return-Receipt-To request and inform you that your e-mail has been placed into the mailbox of the recipient.

This tells you that your e-mail reached the intended mail account but it does not tell you any more. Alone this automatic reply does not let you know if your e-mail has been read or seen.

Can I get read receipt for mail? - Apple Community

In practice, a surprising number of recipients working for large organisations do honour the request for an automatic read reply. If the recipient's e-mail client supports read receipts, the e-mail software will likely ask the recipient if they wish to acknowledge your request for a read receipt. There are clear issues of privacy, social expectations, and local culture that surround read receipts. Be aware that not every e-mail you send with these headers will be honoured and that some recipients might take offense.


In other cases, recipients may appreciate the ability to automate the quick reply. Mail Receipt provides a graphic interface for the following family of Terminal. On macOS To view existing UserHeaders enter the following Terminal. To remove all UserHeaders enter the following Terminal. After issuing any command modifying the defaults, you must relaunch Mail. What makes Mail Receipt useful, is that existing headers are not overwritten. Mail Receipt takes care to read in the existing UserHeaders , merge in your new settings, and only then apply the result.

Why assume they are doing something wrong? There's nothing dangerous, and there is have no reason to assume the Selahattin or anybody else is assuming anything about those read receipts.

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Couldn't agree more about not using read receipts! Open Terminal and run the following command: Press Command-C. Type defaults write com. Type '. For example, the line might now read defaults write com.

Simple & easy to use

Welcome to Ask Different! Whilst this is useful information, the question is specifically regarding making Outlook request a read receipt, not Mail. Outlook for Mac does not support read-receipts Perhaps use your email provider's webmail application to request a read-receipt? Gmail might have a similar feature.

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How to set Return Receipt in Apple Mail

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