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  1. macos - Dropbox-like client for Macs to access existing FTP/WebDAV/CMIS storage - Ask Different
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In our experience this configuration has had a number of hard-to-identify bugs that can corrupt your data. You should also be comfortable with the command line. You will also be able to use posix group permissions to control access to the shares.

Configuring Apache

For more information about the Apache httpd server, see the excellent documentation on apache. The example configuration file is located at:. Copy this file to the website configuration path with a new filename. In this case we chose omnipresence-dav. If your configuration file has any errors in it the Apache service will not start.

macos - Dropbox-like client for Macs to access existing FTP/WebDAV/CMIS storage - Ask Different

The example configuration file outlines how a WebDAV share is defined. For more information about Alias, Directory, and Dav directives in Apache configuration files see the following Apache documentation sections. When you are satisfied with your configuration, start the Websites service and test your new WebDAV share to make sure that it is accessible and that the permissions are correct!

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This may be harder than it sounds! While the WebDAV share will no longer allow client access it still creates httpd processes that respond to client connections.

Configuring a WebDAV server for OmniPresence sync

This could cause conflicts with other WebDAV shares that you may want to setup. Perfectly integrated into your Windows file-system or your Mac Finder, it provides a convenient way of storing documents off-site. Without extra software or changing your firewall, you can open documents from and save them to that WebDAV server just as you would on your local disk. Notebooks can read from and write to the same directory and uses this capability for synchronization.

Set Up WebDAV in Notebooks

Many services offer free accounts with storage of 2GB or more. Of course you can also set up your own WebDAV server on your computer or network.

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You will now be able to synchronize all or part of your documents in Notebooks to the server you have specified. Although standards and rules have been defined for the communication with WebDAV servers, many providers have implemented their own flavor. In this case, please contact us and we will see what we can do about it.

Notebooks can synchronize its contents with web-based servers, so called WebDAV services. More details are available in our handbook. The default is the root directory, but if a start directory is given, please make sure it is created on the server before you start to sync.